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Sony Shows “Pocketable” Notebook Computer

San Diego — Sony will break the size barrier for ultra-portable notebook computers with the introduction of the Vaio U750 next month. The company describes the unit as a “pocketable” computer. With its 5-inch display and 1-pound weight it is more PDA-like in size than a notebook computer, but the U750 uses a 1.1GHZ Pentium M processor and features a 20GB hard drive, 512MB of memory, integrated Wi-Fi and a foldout keyboard. The unit's suggested retail price is $2,000.

VoodooPC Rolls High End Gaming Notebook

Calgary, Alberta — VoodooPC today rolled out the Envy M:790 gaming notebook, its first to use upgradeable PCI Express Graphics. The 790, $4,500 suggested retail, has 256MB Nvidia Geforce 6800 Go, 4GB of DDR 2 memory, a 17-inch display, 8X DVD+-RW dual-layer DVD writer, and it is powered by an Intel Pentium 4 775 processor with 1GB of cache. PCI Express Graphics has twice the bandwidth of the older Advanced Graphics Port (AGP) technology, which allows for improved gaming performance.


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