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PanaVise Window Mounts Feature Temporary Installation

PanaVise Products is offering a new series of installer window mounts for secure, but temporary, installation of mobile electronics, including satellite radios, MP3 players and GPS units.

Each mount features a powerful suction cup that attaches securely to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface, including windshields and windows. Five distinct mounting systems are available.

Model 809 is for CCTV cameras used with in-car video surveillance systems. Model 809-AMP is for AMPS-compatible electronics. Model 809-ELP is for Blaupunkt’s America SR04 satellite radio receiver. Model 809-TS is for electronics with standard T-slots. Model 809-PG is for handheld electronics such as MP3 players, iPods and GPS units.

The overall length of each mount is about 5 inches, and suction-cup diameter is 3.4 inches. The mounting end features full adjustability, with 210 degrees tilt and 360 degrees rotation.

Suggested retails range from $34.95 for the 809, 809-AMP, 809-BLP and 809-TS, to $49.95 for the 809-PG.