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Panasonic To Ship 3.3-Megapixel Cameras

ORLANDO, FLA. -Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company will begin shipping new 3.3-megapixel ipalm digital cameras in early spring.

Models PV-DC3000-A and PV-DC3010 will replace the PV-DC3000, the world’s first Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card-compatible digital still camera, introduced by Panasonic last September.

The PV-DC3000-A comes with a 16MB SD card, will have a suggested retail price of $799, and is expected to ship in March. The PV-DC3010, with a 32MB SD Memory Card, additional photo editing software titles and long-life Ni-MH batteries and charger, will have an $899.95 suggested retail and is expected to ship in April.

The new ipalm digital cameras feature an AC adapter and an ArcSoft image editing package, and a 2x optical zoom for close-ups, equivalent to a 32-64mm lens on a standard 35mm camera. Although the cameras feature a slot that is compatible with either SD Memory Cards or a MultiMediaCard, the new models are shipped with an SD Memory Card.

With the One Button Image Transfer feature, the ipalm digital camera allows users to transfer digital images directly to a PC-for storage, editing, e-mail, etc.-with the touch of a single button. The Easy Mail Attachment feature allows users to connect the camera to a computer, press the “mail” button and then the camera’s shutter button to automatically attach images to a brand new e-mail message that’s ready to send.

Additional features include Motion Image Recording with Audio, which allows users to create mini audio/video clips, 12 seconds in length, to play back or post on the Internet.