Panasonic Demos 3MOS Camcorders At PMA


ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Armed with a $30 million advertising campaign to promote its Lumix digital camera line, Panasonic used the recent PMA Show, here, to underscore its commitment to imaging category.

Making one of his fi rst appearances in his new role as the company’s sales senior VP, Jim Sanduski used the occasion to also present the recently introduced new 3MOS digital camcorders with a newly developed sensor technology that is said to surpass the image quality of 3CCD products.

The strength of system is its ability to produce true-to-life colors, improve lowlight shooting and its lower power consumption.

The MOS sensors are smaller than typical CMOS sensors but require less space for wiring, enabling more space to receive light. It also receives more than double the light of typical CCDs.

The two new 3MOS camcorders include the HDC-HS700 and HDCTM700.

Both have similar features, including 1080p/60 fps HD video recording, differing primarily in storage systems. The HDC-TM700 will record to SD memory cards and 32GB of internal memory while the HDC-HS700 includes 240GB hard disk drive. Both camcorders will have SD card slots with support for new SDXC cards with expanded capacity limits.

Both models feature include 3-inch touchscreen LCDs that offer icon control navigation, a manual zoom, focus, aperture, shutter speed, white-balance control, an electronic view fi nder, earphone terminal and microphone terminal.

Pricing will be announced 30 days prior to shipping.


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