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Palm Announces Wireless Kit For Its Handhelds

New York, NY — Continuing its push to go wireless, Palm Inc. announced a Mobile Internet Kit that will allow almost all current and past Palm handhelds to connect wirelessly to the Internet.

The kit will allow Palm owners to use a cellular phone to connect to the Internet either by an IR connection to the Palm or a cable (which will be sold separately). The kit, announced at a news conference at PC Expo here, is expected to sell for less than $50 and will be available worldwide by the end of the year, said chief operating officer of platform products, Alan Kessler.

Palm also announced that 37 companies will be offering web content compatible with the Palm’s web clipping format, which reformats web content to suit the Palm. Examples of the compatible websites include, American Airlines, Ask Jeeves, Barnes &, BarPoint, Encyclopedia Britannica,, CBS, Delta Airlines and

Kessler said there is currently an installed base of 7 million Palm users and that 97 percent of the Palm’s in use will be compatible with the new Palm Mobile Internet Kit.

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