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Owens Corning Set To Expand Selection For Room Acoustics

The newly formed Acoustic Systems Business of Owens Corning plans to expand its selection of room-tuning acoustics products and launch products that reduce and isolate household noise.

The business, which targets custom-home A/V installers, will also be expanded to the commercial market, said Ralph McGrath, strategic alliances leader for the business unit within Toledo, Ohio-based Owens Corning.

The unit, formed in January, currently markets the TruSound Acoustic Room System, which consists of wall-mountable 2 x 4-foot sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing panels that can be used to cover an entire wall or used like wainscotting to cover only the lower portion. The installation is then covered with a seamless fabric available in 16 styles and 300 colors. Installed cost runs between $13 to $19 per square foot.

“We don’t ask our dealers to stock fabrics,” McGrath emphasized. “We have relationships with fabric suppliers to turn around custom sizes within 30 days from the time of the dealer’s order with direct shipment.”

New products in the works include:

Fabric-wrapped acoustic panels that can be installed to dull acoustic hot spots or reflect sound.

A greater selection of fabrics.

Molded Fiberglas enclosures for in-wall speakers to eliminate speaker resonances and reduce unwanted sound transmission through the wall behind the speaker.

A sound-diffuser panel that can be used as part of the TruSound system or individually wrapped in fabric and mounted separately. It’s intended to help spread sound out more evenly in a room, particularly in surround-speaker installs or when speakers are placed in areas where early reflections are a problem.

To contain sound within rooms, the business unit also plans to market noise-control material that includes between-stud filler and duct insulation.