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Osram Sylvania Expands Lightify Line

New York — Osram Sylvania went to the Lightfair trade show here to expand its Lightify selection of ZigBee-equipped smart LED lighting products controllable from smartphones and tablets from within the house and from remote locations.

The company added an in-ceiling BR-30 screw-in downlight bulb and a RT5/6 LED downlight kit, which consist of a bulb and in-ceiling fixture whose spring-loaded clip attaches to standard RT5/6 in-ceiling lighting recesses.

The BR-30 and RT5/5 kit come in two versions: tunable white and RGBW. Via the Lightify iOS and Android apps, the tunable-white versions change color temperature from 1,900 to 6,500 Kelvin. They’re promoted as the first connected lights tunable down to 1,900 Kelvin, which creates candelight-type lighting.

Both models also come in RGBW versions so users can use the app’s color wheel to change the color emitted by the bulbs. Up 16 million colors are available.

Different bulbs can be programmed to emit different colors simultaneously and blink in patterns. All models are dimmable and have a 20,000-hour-life rating. Additional details were unavailable.

The tunable-white RT5/6 kit and tunable-white BR30 will be available this summer, and the RGBW versions will be available in the fall. Pricing wasn’t released.

They will join a series of Lightify products shown at International CES, where the company made its U.S. debut in residential smart lights.

The CES products are available at Amazon, will be available in Best Buy stores and late in the second quarter or third quarter, and will arrive in Lowe’s stores and in the third quarter, a spokesperson told TWICE.

The first batch of products includes a $54.99-suggested starter kit consisting an A19 tunable-white 60-watt replacement LED bulb and a ZigBee/Wi-Fi wireless Gateway, a wall wart that plugs directly into a power outlet, not into a network router. Additional bulbs cost a suggested $29.99.

The A19 bulb, which screws into standard lamp sockets, is said to deliver more than 800 lumens, more than those of other 60-watt replacement LED bulbs, the company said. It’s tunable from 2700-6500 Kelvin.

An A19 60-watt RGBW LED bulb is also available and also features tunable-white function.

Other products in the initial round include the LED Flex RGBW at $64.99 and Gardenspot Mini RGB at $79.99. The former consists of a strip of LEDs that light up, change colors, and blink in patterns. The Gardenspot Mini RGB consists of a strip of tiny lights that sit on spikes placed in the ground, screwed into wooden decks, or taped to decks via 3M tape.

OSRAM also plans to offer ZigBee smart switches that will initially provide on/off/dim functions but will control multiple scenes in the future.

The Lightify gateway controls up to 50 LED bulbs and strips. It uses the ZigBee Home Automation standard, enabling it to control other-brand LED bulbs that also incorporate the standard, including Belkin WeMo bulbs.

With built-in Wi-Fi, the gateway enables Wi-Fi control of lighting from smartphones that are within range of the home Wi-Fi network, but remote smartphones can also connect via cellular data to the gateway via broadband connection.