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Optoma Ships Clean-Air Projector

Optoma Technology ships this month a combination DLP projector and DVD player, which is designed to filter the air as it presents DVD movies.

The MovieTime DV 10 ($1,499 suggested retail) is positioned as a low-cost alternative for either home theater or corporate data projector applications.

It delivers very bright 480p video images, and includes built-in, 5-watt high-fidelity speakers and a DVD player.

In addition to playing images, the unit incorporates an O2Air-Photocatalysis feature, which uses ultra-violet light given off by the projector bulb to purify surrounding room air. The system creates strong oxidizers called hydroxide radicals. Contaminants react with the oxidizers and are broken down into harmless compounds, Optoma said.

Otto Kong, Optoma Technology’s chairman, said the system will kill airborne bacteria and molds, break down smoke into carbon dioxide and deodorize the air.

Because the DVD player offers a direct digital path to the DLP chip, 480p images from a DVD disc are presented without distortion from analog-to-digital conversion, Optoma said.

Pictures are said to be displayed with high color accuracy. Additionally, the system eliminates the numerous problems that can arise in matching DVD cables with the best input on the projector.

New “ImageAI” circuitry is included to adjust brightness intensity to produce both accurate bright images and deep black levels.

To optimize performance for both home theater and data applications, Optoma uses a new seven-segment color wheel which spins a 4x rate.

The MovieTime includes a short-throw lens (4.9 feet to 32.8 feet projection distance) to enable easy tabletop setup in any room in a house. Image size can be adjusted from 36-inches to 335-inches. The unit weighs 7.8 pounds.

An optical audio output is included to allow connection to multichannel A/V receivers and home theater systems for up to 7.1-channel Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound reproduction.

In addition to the high-performance integrated speakers, Optoma will offer an optional subwoofer to match with the system.