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Onion Enters Consumer Market With Oboo Smart Clock

Connected clock integrates with digital home assistants like Alexa

Onion, up until now a provider of integrated wireless microprocessor modules and IoT development kits, is announcing its first consumer product, the Oboo Smart Clock.

The Oboo integrate Onion’s Omega2S IoT module as its core computing element. The Wi-Fi-connected clock features:

  • an unlimited number of alarm settings, definable by day of week or calendar date, plus a timer;
  • capacitive touch strip and hand waving gesture control for functions like “snooze” control and changing information views;
  • an integrated LCD screen for reporting of local or global information, with selectable “cards” such as local weather, traffic, daily calendar agenda, music selection, etc.; and
  • two built-in speakers.

The top of the clock has a dynamic touch strip serving as an alarm off button, a volume slider, and four additional discrete buttons. The functionality of the buttons is contextual and depends on the active card being viewed.

It also features auto-dimming of screens and a night light feature, two USB Type-A smartphone charging ports, and communication with smartphones via the Oboo app and digital home assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Oboo is offered in Charcoal Black or Mineral Grey.

Onion’s Kickstarter campaign is offering two models, the entry-level clock described above and a premium SKU, the Oboo Smart Clock+.

Additional features for the + model include:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for audio streaming from a smartphone;
  • integrated rechargeable battery for portability and maintaining operation during power outage; and
  • an integrated Qi Wireless charging pad.

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, a range of reward tiers are being offered by Onion. With the first tier being financial sponsorship of $10 or more, the subsequent tiers include the receipt of one or more Oboo Smart Clock or Oboo Smart Clock+, starting at $69 for an early-bird special price.

With its roots in the DIY maker movement, the Onion team also offers a “True Maker” Tier, in which backers will receive both an engineering development version of the Oboo Smart Clock+, followed by a fully completed production version. These makers will be able to follow along with the Onion engineers as they make their way to finishing and testing the final version.