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Olympus Expands Focus To Personal TV Eyewear

Olympus America is expanding beyond its focus on digital and film-based imaging products to address a new category: personal video eyewear.

The Melville, N.Y.-based company announced its new Eye-Trek portable personal TV display, which will connect to video sources ranging from VCRs to personal DVD players to offer the viewer a virtual big-screen experience.

Olympus said the eyewear presents a widescreen display that appears to the viewer as a 62″ screen viewed from 6.5 feet away.

The device, which is similar to electronic eyewear offered by Sony (Glasstron) and Samsung, is said to use a proprietary “free-shaped prism” that produces sharp, clear visuals with a 240,000-pixel resolution. A special “see-around” design allows viewers to maintain peripheral vision while watching a video image.

The Olympus Eye-Trek will debut in stores around the country this month at an $899.99 suggested retail price.