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Olympus 3-Megapixel DigiCam Debuts

Olympus will break the 3-megapixel barrier when it starts shipping the C-3030 Zoom digital camera in May.

The C-3030, suggested retail price $999, also breaks new ground for Olympus as the company’s first camera to incorporate a USB interface and serial port connection. The camera’s other features include a 3x zoom lens, 15 modes of image resolution, infrared mode, six flash modes and a 32MB SDRAM buffer that allows the unit to shoot 3.5 frames per second.

The C-3030 can also act as a low-resolution video camera. The product has a QuickTime video mode that allows users to take 190 seconds of video at 160×120 resolution or 46 seconds at 320×240 resolution.

A 16MB SmartMedia card comes bundled with the camera.

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