OE-Look Radios: Potential Profit Upside

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OE-look radios could deliver higher ticket sales and more profit dollars for aftermarket retailers than traditional single- and double-DIN installs, marketers told TWICE.

Rosen’s OE-look multimedia-navigation systems, said sales and marketing VP Steve Weimar, typically retail for $1,500, or $200 to $400 more than a standard double-DIN multimedia-nav system, including adapters and interfaces.

The installation itself could also be more profitable than installs of single- and double-DIN radios. A plug-in replacement radio, Weimar explained, requires less install expertise, so dealers could use installers with less technical expertise.

On top of that, install time would be less than the install time of a double-DIN install with add-on wiring harnesses, databus adapter, steering-wheelcontrol adapter, and in-dash install kit, but dealers that set minimum labor charges could charge the same.

Factory-fit radios also reduce the potential for mis-wiring, also potentially reducing time in the bays, he said.


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