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OAXIS Promotes Balanced Lifestyle Products At CES 2016

OAXIS is showcasing a variety of technologies at CES, including the Wellness Line and a trio of on-the-go solutions: InkCase, Bento Speaker and the Airscale.

The OAXIS Wellness Line aims to empower users to both make healthier choices and make them much easier, with wellness technology that easily integrates into a modern and active lifestyle. The Vita Smart Bluetooth Water Tumbler, for example, monitors water quality and intake using Bluetooth technology. The Glo Bluetooth Smart Body Analyzer provides insights into users’ wellbeing and takes the progress of healthy lifestyle changes. From weight to body fat index, lean body mass, bone mass, and body water index to basal metabolism and body age, Glo aims to provide a holistic picture of health for up to six users. The Wellness Line is rounded out with the O2 Fitness Band.

For the mobile lifestyle, OAXIS is showcasing the InkCase, which allows users to delight in the mobility of a smartphone while offering the functionality of an e-reader and protection of a case. The InkCase’s e-ink display reduces the strain caused by screen glare, eliminates any viewing difficulty caused by sunlight, and utilizes less battery than phone use so users can read on-the-go with ease. Other on-the-go power products include the Airscale (allows users to juice up smartphones while checking on their luggage weight) and Bento (close contact induction negates the need to connect via Bluetooth, NFC or cables).

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