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Oak Technology Unveils SimpliCD

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — Oak Technology this week will make available its SimpliCD CD-recording software direct to consumers.

Oak, traditionally an OEM supplier, is hoping to break into the consumer market with its CD-recording software. The company will not take the traditional route and box the software, but intends to sell it as a digital download with a $59.95 suggested retail price. Company executives said downloading the application will be a simple matter, as it is a relatively small file that should take only a few minutes to download.

The feature Oak is highlighting is the software’s ability to handle most CD-burning functions in the background, so the consumer does not even know they are taking place. SimpliCD allows the user to drag and drop music files from anywhere on the PC into the software.

“We are aiming at the end user that does not want to learn anything new to run their PC,” said an Oak spokesman.