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Nvidia Prepares To Take ‘3D Ecosystem’ To Mainstream

As the 3D specification for the Blu-ray Disc format nears formalization, Nvidia said it is preparing to bring 3D video entertainment to the home in a big way this year.

The company will offer a complete 3D ecosystem, consisting of active-shutter glasses, hardware support for multiple displays including 120Hz projectors, 120Hz DLPs, 120Hz LCD TVs, and new 1080p 120Hz LCD monitors from Acer and others, as well as support for more than 400 games.

The company, which will make 3D TV a big part of its International CES showcase, said it also recently extended its ecosystem to netbooks.

Nvidia noted that LCD display manufacturers are preparing 3D-Vision-ready, 1,920 by 1080, 120Hz 1080p LCDs for introduction in 2010. Acer is expected to be one of the first to market with 3D LCD monitors, including the forthcoming GD245HQ and GD235HZ models that are positioned for gaming, videos and other home entertainment uses, including viewing 3D Blu-ray content.

Consumers will have the ability to view videos and photographs from the new devices and others using Nvidia’s 3D glasses, the company said.

Nvidia handles MVC-AVC decoding in hardware on their graphics processors (GPUs). Among other things, the company said the codec will be used to encode Blu-ray content in 3D.

Nvidia said the system will enable a 3D experience in the home that is “equal to or better than what is offered in movie theaters today.”

Meanwhile, the company said it is working to make the 3D system affordable, citing as an example an Nvidia 3D-enabled GeForce GT 240 GPU graphics card that is now shipping for a $99 estimated street price. The step-down 3D GT 220 card is offered at a $79 estimated retail.

Nvidia said it also plans to enable Web plug-ins for 3D Vision that will allow users to upload and share 3D photos, stream videos and browse Web sites in full 3D.

Other partners working with Nvidia Ecosystem technologies include the following:

ArcSoft, which is to offer its TotalMedia Theatre software solution for viewing 3D Blu-ray titles using Nvidia support;

Corel, which working with Nvidia has developed a prototype of its WinDVD playback software with 3D Blu-ray Disc support;

CyberLink, which is working with Nvidia 3D Vision for its PowerDVD Ultra software for BD playback on PCs; and

Roxio, which is demonstrating 3D Blu-ray playback with GeForce GPU decoding in the Roxio CinePlayer BD for PCs Roxio CinePlayer BD.

Nvidia said it will be demonstrating 3D Blu-ray playback running on Nvidia GPUs and Nvidia 3D Vision technology at International CES Jan. 7-10, 2010, in South Hall booth 35912.