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NuWave Expands Distribution Of VGE Accessory

NuWave, a developer of digital and analog image enhancement technologies, announced it has signed U.S. video game distributors Corner and Pioneer Distributing to distribute its Video Game Enhancer (VGE) set-top accessory.

The VGE visually improves video game and DVD video graphics detail and image brightness, enabling gamers to raise their video game performance. Based on patented algorithms and other image enhancing technology, the VGE contains integrated circuit (IC) technology adapted to improve the quality of the video gaming experience. For DVD enthusiasts, the NuWave VGE boosts dark areas of a picture to bring out image detail that some DVD players miss.

Prior to the deal, the VGE had sold for $49.95 suggested retail in over 600 retail outlets across the United States, including J&R Music World and Electronics Boutique.

NuWave said that through the new distribution agreement, along with Jack of All Games, the number of storefronts handling the VGE will be expanded to over 1,900.

The company expects this to lead to “significant market penetration for pre-holiday sales,” while giving the product East and West Coast distributor coverage.

In addition, NuWave said that Fry’s Electronics, a specialty retailer of video games and other electronic devices, has also agreed to carry the VGE in its stores.

The news puts NuWave further along on its path to achieving a large-scale nationwide retail rollout to a potential market of over 15,000 retail outlets. It expects to expand to around 3,500 U.S. storefronts by mid-November, said Don Legato, NuWave global sales VP.

Since the VGE is compatible with worldwide video standards such as NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, and SEACAM, the company has also said it intends to extend marketing and distribution globally. The company recently cracked the U.K. market, where it now lists about 310 retail storefronts, and has “nationalized” the product for the German market, the company said.

The VGE will work with most 32/16/128-bit game consoles, including Microsoft’s X-Box, Sony’s PS2, and Nintendo Gameboy. Gamers can personalize the way the video game appears on the television screen by using the device. The small black set-top unit hooks up quickly between consoles and television sets with standard RCA connectors and plugs.