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NPD: Sales Of DVD-Audio, SACD Gain Momentum Through Q3 2001

Retail-level sales of home CD’s successors rose dramatically during the first three quarters of the year as supplies opened up and prices fell, but they nonetheless contributed only a small amount to overall audio/video sales, an NPD Intelect survey found.

Unit and dollar sales of DVD-Audio/Video players outpaced SACD sales because of greater selection and lower prices, the research company said.

Unit sales of DVD-A/V players hit 21,022 during the first through third quarters, up 5,582 percent from last year’s 370.

Unit sales of SACD-only players rose 414 percent to 2,030, and sales of SACD/DVD-Video players during the period were 4,538. No sales of SACD/DVD-Video players were found during the year-ago period.

In dollars, DVD-Audio sales likewise outpaced SACD sales. DVD-Audio sales hit $10,405,940, up 3,237 percent, while combined sales of SACD-only and SACD/DVD-Video players hit $8,331,049, up 5,619 percent from $1,258,740.

In the first through third quarters, the average price of a DVD-A/V player was only $495 compared to SACD-only’s $978 and SACD/ DVD-Video’s $1,398. Prices were down substantially, however, from the year-ago period.

DVD-Audio, SACD Retail Sales

(Jan.- Sept. 2001, With Percent Increase From Jan.-Sept. 2000)