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Nortek: Smart-Home, Personal-Safety Systems Converge With Home Safety Hub

Nortek Security & Control integrated a personal safety system with home-security sensors to automatically send home-sensor and personal-safety alerts to caregivers.

The company’s Numera Home Safety Hub is compatible with Nortek’s smoke, glass-break, motion, window/door and other 2GIG-brand wireless sensors, which are sold as part of professionally monitored home-security systems through security installers. The hub also integrates with the company’s wearable personal health Button, which lets users summon emergency responders, and with Nortek’s personal-safety sensors, such as a fall-detection sensor.

 “Creating interoperability between the smart home and personal-safety devices provides caregivers with notifications of events that require their involvement, including a smoke alarm, detection of a potential fall, or prolonged inactivity during a certain period of time,” Nortek said.

When used with door and motion sensors, caregivers could get an alert when a door is opened and motion is detected at times that would cause concern, such as late at night, the company added. A smoke condition or fall would summon help automatically.

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