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Nokia Shows New WAP Phone At PCS ’99

Nokia introduced media phones designed for easy access to Internet content at PCS ’99 in New Orleans today. The Nokia 7100 Series is based on the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) which enables secure access and instant interaction with Internet/Intranet information and other advanced telephony services.

“We are the first company to offer end-to-end solutions,” said Haroon Alvi, director of U.S. business development for Nokia Mobile Phones. “The 7100 Series is the best all-in-one device entering the market.”

The 7100 Series phones feature a WAP 1.1 compliant browser for Internet and data access. “We’re working with businesses in every major segment to provide services and content,” Alvi said. This includes information services and messaging with Nokia’s Artuse Platform, which is available for both GSM and TDMA networks.

The 7100 series phones have Infrared for wireless data transfer between phone and PC or printers, a large graphics display, voice dialing, dynamic memory for up to 1000 phonebook memory locations, calendar with up to 500 entries, and 50 distinctive ringing tones.

The phones weigh 4.9 ounces. Specific models are the 7190 (GSM 1900), available during the first half of 2000, and the 7160 (tri-mode AMPS/TDMA 800/TDMA 1900), also available in early 2000. Pricing was not announced.