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No Soundbar Needed: Haier TVs Will Now Deliver Clearer Dialogue With DBX-TV

DBX-TV’s Total Technology sound-enhancement suite will now be included in several Haier TVs, DBX-TV announced.

Total Technology is designed to provide “deep, captivating audio” that eliminates the need for external speakers or soundbars. Haier will make use of three key digital signal processing (DSP) audio technologies:

Total Sonics: Meant to let built-in speakers generate crisp, detailed sound with deeper bass and decreased distortion.

Total Surround: Meant to deliver immersive surround sound through the existing TV speakers.

Total Volume: Meant to tame loudness spikes and intensify quiet dialogue for a consistent listening experience.

DBX-TV’s technology can be found in more than 30 other brands, and it’s reportedly customized to suit each specific TV’s speakers, amplifiers and cabinet.