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Nissan’s Teatro for Dayz Concept Car Is Pretty Terrifying

Nissan doesn’t appear excessively concerned about distracted driving with its new concept car.

The car, known as Teatro for Dayz, features giant displays built into the instrument panel, door trim, seats and headrests.   

According to a press release: “The entire car serves as a platform for inspiration, allowing share natives to design their own experiences, connect with friends, display an attitude and freely share them.”

Share natives, in case you’re wondering, are drivers who have been using mobile devices since they could walk: drivers who “feel that time spent in a car should be time for connecting and sharing experiences with friends.”

Nissan isn’t totally crazy, of course. The Teatro for Dayz does have voice activation for temperature and audio controls, and the screens display navigation data and gauges when the car is in Drive Mode.


The car will be on display at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Hat tip: PCWorld