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Nikon Kicks Off ‘I AM Generation Image’

Melville, N.Y. Nikon kicked off a new “I AM Generation Image” integrated promotional campaign, which will look to “amplify the voices of individuals who want to stand out in a world of visual noise.”

Nikon said its new brand campaign will help reinforce confidence in the entry-level and enthusiast DSLR markets, and inspire people to create images far beyond just “good enough,” to have their stories heard.

The “I AM Generation Image” campaign officially starts today, with the launch of a website that will showcase the content of a select group of creative individuals whom Nikon said represents “some of the eyes and voices of this generation.”

“Each day we upload tens of thousands of images, making us the first generation to truly embrace pervasive visual communication. Whether it’s love, laughter or a call to act for the greater good, the feeling you get when you look at a photo or watch a video should reflect the intent and emotions of the person behind the lens,” Lisa Baxt, Nikon communications associate general manager, stated. “Generation Image was created to answer this need, and celebrates the stories of our lives and the important role that imagery plays in telling them, while inspiring users to capture more, and capture better using Nikon.”

Nikon said the campaign grew out of a study on the importance of captured images in the lives of Nikon users.

Nikon said the study found the number of images captured and shared every day is significantly increasing, and that quality is critical this new generation of image makers.

“Across the country, people are using their cameras as a tool to share what is important to them and each have the potential for significant impact,” Nikon said.

Nikon said it will use the hashtag: #IAMGenerationImage as a rallying cry to echo “the desire to deliver the best images possible, in order to convey emotions and passions that rise above the noise.”

“I AM Generation Image” is designed to remind “us that we are all part of this generation, and Nikon will enable our stories to ring loud, true and authentic,” the company said. “The campaign will help to define this generation as the first to overwhelmingly express themselves through images en masse and on a global scale.”

In U.S. leg of the campaign began Thursday with an experience site that features content from a select group of extraordinary individuals who document their own passions through imagery. The group will capture content presented through an experiential website that acts as a portal, into the worlds of the selected photographers.

Nikon has selected a diverse group of personalities who are not professional photographers but represent a wide range of stories from entrepreneurs, philanthropists, comedians and more.

Nikon said the online portal will also act as a hub for the campaign, offering followers a chance to become personally invested with the lives of the group as they share content in real time.

Participants in the campaign will share imagery under the hashtag “#IAMGenerationImage,” and Nikon will encourage widespread consumer participation through its social channels.

The campaign will be driven by non-traditional media, including video advertisements, digital media on relevant websites, rich media and social paid promotion. 

Additionally, a series of videos defining the campaign will drive to the branded microsite. Consumers will take part in an immersive experience through rich media advertisements, and both mobile and desktop users will engage in an interactive experience with high production values for video and sound.

Users are encouraged tag their own visual stories with #IAMGenerationImage for the chance to be incorporated into the campaign. Advertisements will run through the end of 2014 and the spring of 2015 to support the various aspects of the campaign.

The integrated campaign was created collaboratively between Nikon, McCann Erickson, ID Media, MRM/McCann, Initiative Media and MWW.