Nikon 3 Megapixel CoolPix 990 Bows

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In a pre-PMA show announcement made earlier this week, Nikon introduced the CoolPix 990, the company's first 3-megapixel digital camera.

The CoolPix 990 can capture images at 3.34 megapixel resolution and takes over as the company's flagship model from the CoolPix 950. The 990 will ship in April with a suggested retail price of $999. It utilizes the same form factor as its predecessors, with a lens that pivots 360 degrees from the main camera body, and adds a USB interface to go along with the standard serial connection.

Other features include a 3x zoom lens, optical viewfinder, and automatic and manual controls. Images are stored on a CompactFlash card. The camera can capture images in single shots, a continuous mode, multi-shot, and at 30 frames per second. It also has a movie mode version that can take 40 seconds of video at 15 frames per second.


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