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NHT Taps Top At $45K

NHT borrowed components from its pro audio line to build its highest performance home theater speaker system at a suggested $45,000.

The NHT Pro Theater System is an active, DSP-equipped 5.2-channel system due in Late October or early November. It will be the company’s first DSP-equipped home theater speaker system, which incorporates speaker-dedicated amps and DSP processors that perform crossover and equalization functions in the digital domain.

The $40,000 Pro Theater System, whose price includes cables and electronics but not stands, will join the $6,000 2.1-channel DSP-equipped xD speaker system, which could be upgraded to a 5.1 package with the purchase of additional components.

The new system includes multiple M-80 Xd three-way 10-inch by 22.5-inch by 12-inch acoustic-suspension monitors, which house dual 8-inch woofers, two 2-inch aluminum-dome tweeters and a 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter to deliver up to 600 watts RMS with 45Hz-20kHz response. A 500-watt S-80 xD powered sub delivers bass down to 17Hz via two 12-inch aluminum woofers in an acoustic-suspension cabinet.

When sold, each system will be custom tailored to a particular room in consultation with NHT, which will fine tune the digital filters in digital processors to match a large or small room, but it doesn’t do full room correction.

Also new: the $300-suggested Absolute Zero Center, voice-matched to the company’s Absolute Zero bookshelf. It’s designed for horizontal placement above or below a display and features 1-inch tweeter flanked by two 5.25-inch woofers.