New Tabletop Systems Move Beyond iPods



More iPad-docking speaker systems, more iPad speaker systems with rotating docks, and more high-end iPod speakers priced up to $599 will join new tabletop speaker systems that stream music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Altec Lansing:

A new tabletop Bluetooth speaker system is the $199-suggested AC/DC InMotion Air, which ships in January. The bar-style speaker is packaged with a stereo-Bluetooth USB dongle that connects to a laptop or PC. A speaker without a bundled dongle will be available at $179.

Each speaker can be paired with up to three Bluetooth- equipped devices, including iPhones and other cellphones. One laptop or smartphone can stream simultaneously to two speakers.

The dongle and speaker feature Audio Processing Technology’s Apt-X technology, which eliminates the compressed-music artifacts that Bluetooth’s SBC audio codec makes more noticeable, Altec said.


The company’s first iPad-docking speaker systems appear under the RCA and Acoustic Research brands.

The AR docks are the $129-suggested ARS35i and $99.99 ARS30i. The RCA model is the $79.99 RC200i. All feature FM tuner and ship in the spring. All three also offer free app to stream live weather alerts/ forecasts and wake to music, sports information, or news stations. The app also syncs the dock’s time with the time on a docked iPad/iPhone, and it enables voice and clap commands to turn off the system and snooze the alarm.

The new ARS35i iPad dock features dock with motorized rotating arm to turn the iPad to landscape or portrait mode for user viewing preference. Other features include video output, 3.5mm aux input, and remote control.

The AR S30i iPad dock cradles the iPad vertically. It also features LCD display, clock, aux in, and video out.

The RCA iPad dock, the RC2001, enables viewing in portrait or landscape view. Pricing was unavailable.

Also under the RCA and AR brands, Audiovox is launching multiple iPod/iPhone-docking clock radios with a free app that streams live weather alerts/forecasts and enables waking to music, sports or news stations. The app also syncs the docks’ time with the time on a docked iPhone/iPod clock’s time, and it provides voice-activated or clap command of the off and snooze functions. Three RCA models and an AR model are due in the spring.


Four new docking speakers include the company’s first two iPad-docking models. One of the iPad systems is the $129.99-suggested IPD-100 – View XL. The second iPad system is the $79.99 IPD-01 – Flex, which displays an iPad in portrait and landscape mode as well as in a position to facilitate use of its virtual keyboard.

An iPod/iPhone-docking speaker system is the $79.99-suggested IPDS-10 Flow, which features rotation button to position an iPod/iPhone into portrait or landscape view. The $99.99-suggested AC/DC IPDS-20 - Move is the brand’s first portable iPod/ iPhone speaker and has rechargeable battery.


The digital products international division is launching its first iPad-docking speaker systems and its first iPod/iPhone speaker systems with rotating docks.

One of the two iPad speakers is the $49.99-suggested AC/DC iSD131B, which is a combination case, stand, and speaker that docks only with the iPad, which can be rotated manually by 360 degrees. The second iPad speaker is the $99.99-suggested 2.1-channel iSD391B, whose dock can be rotated manually as well as adjusted vertically. It also features video out and an app to add clock, alarm, weather forecast, EQ and calendar.

In iPod/iPhone systems, the company is launching two models with manually rotating docks: the $49.99-suggested iSP391B and the $69.99 iSP591B.


The company’s RC-DC1 AM/FM clock radio features arch design, large LCD screen, dual alarm to wake to radio or iPod, and snooze button at $69.95. It replaces a similarly designed model without AM/FM clock.


The company is tapping the top of the iPod/ iPhone speaker market with the $599 Fidelio DS9010, due at the end of March. It has an aircraft-quality aluminum chassis, ability to dock iPods/iPhones in their protective cases, curved back, proximity sensor, and a dedicated app to add more functions. The model joins a $499 DS9000 launched last year.

RCA (by Alco):

First-quarter deliveries are planned for three RCA tabletop sound systems with iPad dock. They are the RPD160A, RPD163A and RPD1688A with expected street prices starting below $100. All feature free apps, FM radio and remote. App details were unavailable. The RPD160A is suitable for tabletop and wall mounting.


Seven products with iPod/iPhone dock consist of two iPod speakers, two minicomponent systems, two microcomponent systems, and a hi-fi component system. Pricing was unavailable.

The minicomponent systems are the CD-DHS1050P and CD-DH-S950P, both with iPod/iPhone dock on top, front-panel USB to connect other MP3 players, five-disc CD changer, and full-logic cassette. The two microcomponent systems are the XL-DH259P and XLDH229P with dock on top, USB connection for other MP3 players, and CD player. The component system is the XL-HF200P with two two-way speakers and CD receiver with dock on top, video output and USB connection to other MP3 players.

Two iPod speakers include the DK-CL5P with clockradio functions, FM, SD slot, USB Host and video output.


Under the Jensen brand, the company is launching the iPod/iPhone-docking JiMS-215i CD music system with dual alarm clock, due at a suggested $89.99 in the second quarter. It’s the company’s smallest docking CD clock radio to date. Another new product is the JiSS-10i docking clock radio, due in March at a suggested $49.99 with appenabled features.

The JiMS-215i CD features slide-out dock and built-in vertical CD player that plays MP3 CDs. Other features include backlit multifunction LCD display, FM, dual alarm clock with battery backup, and ability to wake to FM, alarm or iPod/iPhone.

The JiSS-10i is a compact docking speaker with stereo speakers and carry pouch, as well as an app to provide customizable split-screen display, customizable clock and calendar display, weather with four-day forecast, music player, FM radio control, photo viewer, and multiple alarm settings and sounds.


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