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New Reach79 Smartphone Cases Can Double Signal Strength

Las Vegas — Antenna79 has unveiled a line of smartphone cases that can double a phone’s signal strength.

Each case in the company’s debut Reach79 line is embedded with a micro-thin, gold-plated antenna that works to increase the  smartphone’s signal strength while adding a layer of protection. The antenna technology inside each case is engineered to automatically pair through passive coupling with the antennas within a smartphone. This combined antenna system creates superior signal reception and transmission which enables the device to work more efficiently, the company said.

“We all want to get the most from our smartphones, and that’s exactly what Reach79 cases were designed to do,” said David Vigil, CEO, Antenna79. “Powered by patented antenna technology, Reach79 cases are the first performance-enhancing smartphone cases designed for speed.”

Reach79 cases have been tested at CETECOM, a CTIA-accredited test facility, and verified to improve a phone’s signal strength by an average of 1.6 times, with peak performance of more than 2 times. While user experience may vary depending on device, carrier and location, consumers can expect to see several benefits from Reach79, the company said, including a stronger signal that enables faster data speeds, expanded coverage and greater range that can decrease dropped calls and increase connectivity, and increased battery life.

Reach79 cases can be purchased starting today at $59.99 for the iPhone 6 and $69.99 for the iPhone 6 Plus. They are available now in black with additional colors coming later in Q1.