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New MP3 Device From Sensory Science

Sensory Science’s RaveMP is available to retailers this month. The device is a pocket-sized Internet media player and recorder that also stores voice messages, telephone numbers and text messages.

“The RaveMP is generating tremendous interest from retailers as well as consumers,” said Roger Hackett, Sensory Science’s chairman and CEO. “The broad range of distribution that MP3 players appeal to, including catalog and Internet retailers as well as traditional retailers, is simply incredible. We’re highly optimistic that RaveMP sales will be strong this quarter and throughout the year.”

The RaveMP 2100 comes with 64MB of memory and can store up to 60 minutes of music, 1,000 phone numbers, 20 pages of notes and 10 minutes of voice memos, or other combinations of music and information. An additional 16MB or 32MB memory expansion module can be added.

The initial retail price will be $269. Optional 16MB memory will cost $49.95 and 32MB modules are available for $89.95.

Easy-to-use software manages all functions and communications between the RaveMP and a personal computer, allowing users to drag and drop files onto the media players by using a mouse. It has an LCD display for operational information, including song title, artist, available memory, battery life and more. The device works with Windows 95 or 98. Upgrades for Windows NT and Linux versions will be available from Sensory Science later this summer.