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New Dual-Deck VCRs Strip Out TV Commercials

Sonicblue is now shipping its newest line of Go-Video brand Dual-Deck VCRs, which include a new advancement in automatic commercial skipping technology.

The company also announced availability of its new Dual-Deck DVD/ VCR player.

The new Go-Video VCRs will allow users to copy TV programs, movies, and other video material and eliminate marked commercial spots and other unwanted program interruptions.

Other features in the line include advanced home video editing controls, VCR Plus+ C3 cable box control for easy record programming and four video heads on each deck in the dual-deck package.

Sonicblue said the Commercial Free Copy feature enables users to press a button when they program the deck to record an over-the-air TV show and the deck will automatically mark the beginning and ending of commercials as it records. When the original recording is completed, the Dual-Deck will automatically mark each advertisement and then make a commercial-free copy on the second blank tape.

Also in the Dual-Deck line are the Commercial Advance and Movie Advance features, which automatically fast-forward over commercials in recordings and on pre-recorded movie tapes.

The entry model DDV2001 ($249 suggested retail) offers four heads on both decks and multi-purpose remote with glow-in-the-dark keys.

The mid-line DDV2110 Hi-Fi model carries a $299 suggested retail, and includes eight-scene assemble editing, EZ Copy one touch dubbing and an auto head cleaner.

The top-of-the-line DDV2120 ($349 suggested retail) comes with VCR Plus C3, flying erase head, jog/shuttle remote, mic input, S-VHS playback, and a rear panel S-Video input. A Go-Port six-pin rear panel jack is added for connection to PC or home control systems.

All three feature the side-by-side deck configuration, one-touch copying and recording, dual-program recording, high-speed rewind, complete program record to adjust deck speed to fit content on a tape, and video sequencing to view or record two tapes in sequence or in a continuous loop.

Meanwhile, Go-Video said it is also shipping its DVR4000 DVD/VCR combo deck at a $349.95 suggested retail price. The deck will enable recording TV shows while watching DVDs or listening to CDs, the ability to record non-copy protected DVDs, and to output Dolby Digital and DTS surround from DVD movies.