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New Cases, Bags Reflect Success Of Portables

The flood of new cases, bags and sleeves in the market for the first quarter shines a light on the successful transition of fledgling categories such as netbooks and tablet PCs into full-blown market changers.

Manufacturers are increasingly offering smaller versions of their larger laptop cases for netbooks, and breaking new ground with SKUs designed for tablet PCs, e-readers, smartphones and portable GPS and gaming units.

Some manufacturers rolled out new models for Apple’s iPad within hours of Steve Jobs’ introduction of the device earlier this month. (See p. 6, as well as general iPad coverage on p.1.)

In addition, innovations in design, materials and functionality continue to infuse more mature categories such as laptop and digital camera bags.

Some highlights from recently introduced collections appear here.

TWICE will take a closer look at cases — as well as other accessories — for the successful e-reader category in our next issue, Feb. 22.