Networking Briefs


A/V Over Cat-5

CARLSBAD, CALIF.— ChannelPlus' new SVC-10 system distributes audio and S-video over Cat-5 wiring, with two-way communication that makes it possible to use an IR remote from remote rooms to select and control audio and video sources. The system consists of the SVC-10 transmitter, placed at sources such as hard-disk drive music servers, and a receiver set up in the remote location. The system eliminates the need to run multiple A/V cables or coaxial cables to remote rooms and is capable of long wiring runs without loss of signal integrity.

All-In-One Solution

CARLSBAD, CALIF.— OpenHouse has developed a structured-wiring enclosure that integrates audio, video, telephone and Ethernet connectivity into a single enclosure called the Premium Package. For data networking, the 36-inch-high steel enclosure houses, with surge protection, a data termination hub and Internet gateway hub, which incorporates a firewall-protected Ethernet four-port hub and router that accepts DSL and cable-modem inputs. A multi-zone telephone hub supports four phone lines, six zones and up to 31 phones, with 12 ringing simultaneously. That hub also delivers 30 minutes of voice-mail recording time, optional music on hold and zone-to-zone intercom. The audio hub delivers four-zone audio via Cat-5 cable, and the video hub distributes cable TV to eight TVs.

Meda Plans Media Servers

OAKLAND, CALIF.— Startup Meda Systems unveiled a line of Bravo multi-zone music servers described as low-cost, audiophile-performance models. They ship in February at prices from $3,000 to $9,000 depending on configuration. They can store up to 50,000 songs and deliver music to up to 24 zones. The system combines a music server, multi-source digital mixer and preamp, and GUI that can be displayed on almost any display device or keypad controller. The company, which displayed at CES, is at

In-Wall On-The-Counter

RIVERSIDE, CALIF.— Proficient Audio Systems developed an interactive point-of-sale display to demonstrate its in-wall Music Center system, which features a CD player, AM/FM tuner, preamp, and 35-watt stereo amp in a single flush-mount unit. The 40-inch-wide countertop display includes the Proficient Music Center, W670 in-wall speakers and a remote control.


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