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MTX In Launch Mode

Phoenix — The biggest architectural speaker launch from MTX in years includes 27 new in-wall, in-ceiling and special-application speakers. The custom speakers include models for distributed-audio and home theater applications. The lineup also includes the brand's first in-wall bipole/dipole speaker.

Lexicon “Separates In A Box”

Bedford, Mass. — High-end audio supplier Lexicon has begun shipping its first receiver, promoted as offering separates quality in one chassis. The $6,995-suggested RV-8 is rated at 7x140 watts, all seven channels driven simultaneously, and drives three separate audio/video zones simultaneously. It's THX Ultra2-certified. In-outs include eight digital audio, eight analog audio, phono input, five composite video, five S-video and three component video, and two 5.1-channel analog. The latest version of Lexicon's c LOGIC7 processing creates a 7.1-channel output from stereo, 5.1-channel and 6.1-channel sources. Other features include 24-bit/192 kHz DACs for all audio channels, flash memory software upgrade capabilities, two internal expansion slots and rear-panel IR input connector.

Custom: Less Screwing Seen

New York — Suppliers of custom-install speakers are trying to simplify the installation of their products, and Klipsch and startup coNEXTion are doing so with new mounting system. In its biggest introduction ever, Klipsch overhauled its architectural speaker selection with 31 new models and four installation kits. The in-wall and in-ceiling models feature two-screw mounting process. For its part, startup coNEXTion Systems of Simi Valley, Calif., has eliminated screwing entirely. Although installers must use tools to cut holes in wallboard and strip wire, no other tools are needed to install an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker, said president Doug Wright. A frame snaps into place in the ceiling or wall, and the speaker twists and locks into it. In-ceiling models feature a woofer that can be angled continuously to 20 degrees. A tweeter or tweeter/midrange combo sits on the end of a pole that can be extended up to an inch below the ceiling and angled up to 70 degrees. Prices range from $250 to $700 each. The company is a direct online B to B supplier of custom products to installers.


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