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Nero Offers Backup Software

Software maker Nero will offer its first product designed to appeal to consumers hard hit by the on-going recession.

Nero’s Back It Up And Burn is a suite of applications stripped out of the company’s larger Nero 9 software suite. The product, available in stores for $49.99 or as an electronic download from Nero for $39.99, features a backup utility, CD/DVD burning software and a recovery agent.

Nero CEO Udo Eberlein said the title was created to attract customers during the recession, noting Nero 9 can cost $100.

“We have updated existing Nero technology and wrapped it in a new user interface,” Eberlein said.

The company focused on a backup utility because company research found many current Nero customers are interested in backing up their content, but few have actually made the move yet.

Back It Up And Burn’s user interface’s look is similar to that of Microsoft Outlook, with the customer being given the choice of manually setting up how they wish to back up their data or simply letting the system do so automatically.

Through packaging and included instructions, Nero will attempt to educate customers on the different methods available for backing up content. The company is also offering online subscription-based storage space.