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NBC Airing HD ‘Crossing Jordan’

Following the lead of rival networks CBS and ABC, NBC began airing one of its new prime time television programs, — “Crossing Jordan” — in high definition format on Oct. 8.

The HDTV broadcast was simulcast with the standard definition analog version. NBC used its chosen 1080i HD format and with Dolby Digital Surround audio.

In a move reminiscent of the early days of color TV and later stereo TV broadcasting, NBC alerted viewers of the analog broadcast to the HD offering with a banner notice stating, “In HDTV where available.”

Although NBC was among the first to air HDTV, when it began offering The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in HDTV format five nights a week, it was slow to add HDTV to the prime time lineup.

Meanwhile, CBS has transmitted a majority of its prime time schedule in HDTV for the past two years, and ABC recently announced it too would begin offering most of its film-based prime time programs in the 720p HD format this season.

NBC said “Crossing Jordan” is among its most promising new series, following strong ratings in the 18-24 year-old demographic since its debut on Sept. 24.