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Navigon Offers ‘Smart’ PNDs With Best Routes

Navigon introduced several portable GPS units that are among the first “intelligent” personal navigation devices (PNDs) that can determine the best route based on a user’s usual speed and driving habits.

The devices, after eight hours of use, begin to store information on how fast a driver proceeds on side roads and highways and factors that into route choices for the fastest or best route.

The new MyRoutes feature is available on a new 4300T Max at a $279 suggested retail and a 7300T ($399), both with free lifetime traffic for the life of the product. It is also on the 3300 Max ($199).

In another new feature, Navigon’s traffic reports are now delivered audibly where they were previously offered only as onscreen alerts.

The 4300T Max has a 4.3-inch screen, text-to-speech pronunciation of street names and Bluetooth. The unit also includes Rand McNally scenic other routes, and offers advanced views of highway lanes and signage.

The similar 3300 Max also has a 4.3-inch screen and text-to-speech, but traffic is offered as optional and it does not include Bluetooth or Rand McNally information.

The 7300T includes voice command that now can control the audio volume, hands-free calling and some menu choices, plus address input. Navigon’s 2008 voice commands applied only to address input.

The 7300T, with 4.3-inch screen, is the company’s first PND to incorporate both panoramic views of roadside hills and mountains and landmark views of certain buildings and monuments, combined in one unit.

It also offers Bluetooth, text-to-speech and Rand McNally scenic routes.

All are slated for shipping in the second quarter.