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Namakichi Readies Next SoundSpace Integrated Systems

Nakamichi has firmed up shipment dates for its next wave of integrated SoundSpace stereo and home theater systems, and it announced plans to offer dealers a modular wall display to merchandise the series.

The series, announced at January’s CES, consists of two stereo systems and two home theater systems whose key components are thin enough to be mounted on a wall. Also included is a three-piece biamplified CD clock-radio.

The series is franchised separately from the company’s component line to expand distribution to such channels as upscale department stores and high-end cataolgers. The fashion-oriented line will “expand our awareness by offering products at price points more affordable than a full Nakamichi component system,” said sales support director Jon Paul Lizars. Presaident Dean Miller, formerly with Rolls Royce and Bang & Olufsen, said the company “is repositioning itself as a supplier of unique concepts.”

The two-channel SoundSpace 8 is already available at a suggested $999. A control panel incorporatng tuner and five-disc slot-loading MusicBank CD changer can be mounted on the wall along with the speakers. A floor-standing powered subwoofer incorporates power for all speakers.

The three-piece CD clock radio, the SoundSpace 3, is due later this month at a suggested $499. It can be used in the bedroom or as a desktop audio system, the company said. Each piece is 6.5×6.5×2.5 inches. One houses a woofer; the other two feature a clock and display. One of the two adds a tuner and CD player.

The second two-channel wall-mountable stereo system, the SoundSpace 5, is due late September ay a suggested $699. It lacks an outboard subwoofer and features a three-disc MusicBank changer.

The SoundSpace 10, the first integrated home theater system in the series, is due in late October at a tentative suggested retail of $3,500 to $4,000. Its wall-mountable control module incorporates a five-disc MusicBank CD/DVD-Video changer and tuner. Amplification and Dolby Digital and DTS decoding are outboarded in one of two floorstanding subwoofers.

The control module can also be mounted on an optional floor-standing pedestal that mathces optional speaker stands. A component-interface box, which can be tucked out of sight, connects to the system via a single multipin cable. The box in turn connects to a TV, satellite receiver, cable box, and VCR.

Sales of the step-up SoundSpace 11 at $5,000 to $6,000 have been pushed back to the first quarter of 2000. Left, right and surround speakers ride up and down floorstanding metal poles by remote control to conform to one of four preset heights selected by the user. It also adds higher power and better speakers.

Nakamichi dropped plans for a SoundSpace home theater system that lacked Dolby Digital and DVD player.