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NAD Adding Custom-Install Features

Four new receivers, a pair of custom-oriented multichannel amps, and a DVD player are due from NAD in coming months, said sales director Steve DeFuria.

The introductions will expand the brand’s receiver line with models featuring enhanced connectivity and systems-integration capabilities, including multiple 12-volt triggers, multiple IR outputs that pass through other manufacturers’ codes, and discrete on/off commands. Three of four new models, for example, will have multiple 12-volt triggers, whereas no receiver previously had multiple triggers, and three will be the company’s first with component-video switching vs. simple component passthrough. They will also include NAD’s first receivers with Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES, and two of the models will return the company to the two-zone receiver market after a lapse of a year.

The receivers start with the $649-suggested 5×50-watt Dolby Digital/DTS T742 with Dolby Pro Logic II. It ships in September.

The $899 T752, due July, adds Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES Discrete and Matrix but features 5×80 watts amp. Other additional features include two component inputs, one component output, two 12-volt triggers, two IR outputs, and discrete on/off codes.

The $1,299 T762, due September, adds a 6×100-watt amp, three component inputs, three 12-volt triggers, three IR outputs, and two-zone capability with independent volume control for both sources.

The T772, with estimated suggested retail of $2,499, offers these features and adds 7×110-watt amp. Additional details were unavailable. It’s due in late fall/winter.

The two custom amps are a $1,399 six-channel model and $2,499 12-channel model due in June or July. They offer more custom features than a previous 6×25-watt amp, DeFuria said.

The new single-disc DVD player, due June at a suggested $799, is the T562 with a remote control that switches between the unit’s progressive and S-video output. The latter provides a better display of an on-screen menu, DeFuria said. It also features HDCD decoding.

NAD’s DVD roadmap includes a DVD-Audio/Video player and DVD-Video/SACD player next January. A combination SACD/DVD-A/V player is targeted for early 2004.