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Myvu Corporation is debuting the new Myvu universal edition, expanding its portable personal viewing experience to mobile phones, portable DVD players and other portable media players like Archos, Zen and Microsoft’s Zune. Myvu universal also supports fifth-generation video Apple iPods.

The Myvu universal edition turns portable media players into a hands-free, private viewing experience. By connecting Myvu universal to an MP4 player, DVD player or camcorder, viewers can watch their favorite videos on Myvu’s virtual screen.

Myvu universal works with most devices that have an A/V-out jack, making it compatible with select mobile phones and most portable media players. It comes with video eyewear, pendant for volume and picture control, and noise cancelling in-ear ear buds, and offers a low-profile design and up to a four-hour battery life supplied by rechargeable battery. It also includes a connectivity kit for most portable media players. Suggested retail is $199.