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MVNO Seniors Wireless Starts Cellular, Telemedicine Service

San Diego — Emveno, a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) , has created in created its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service to offer cellular and telemedicine service to people ages 55 and older.

Through its Seniors Wireless subsidiary, Emveno offers contract-free wireless plans said to be priced “significantly lower” than major-carrier plans. In addition to offering phones and service, the subsidiary offers an extra-cost TeleMed Assist service that provides consumers with unlimited, direct 24-hour phone access to board-certified doctors for any reason on any day of the year.

The company has begun selling the service direct to consumers and is in negotiations with retail pharmacies for distribution, a spokesman told TWICE. The company is promoting through social media, mostly on Facebook via ads and word of mouth), because seniors are increasingly using Facebook, he said. The company will also tap social media to spread senior health messages as an educational resource.

With TeleMed Assist, consumers can use any phone or a Seniors Wireless cellphone to speak directly with qualified medical practitioners to evaluate, refer and prescribe on the spot, the company said. Subscribers can also videoconference. From a Seniors Wireless cellphone, subscribers can click the TeleMed Assist button on the Seniors Wireless app to reach a doctor, or they can dial the number.

An agent connects the caller to a certified medical doctor within two minutes, the company said. Subscribers can request assistance as many times as they like, and call duration is not limited, the company added.

The TeleMed Assist service costs $30/month per individual and $40/month for a couple. Users aren’t required to have a Seniors Wireless cell plan to use the service.

Besides phone-based doctor access, TeleMed Assist also offers smartphone apps for medication reminders and refills and provides emergency alerting of family and emergency personnel.

Additional apps are in the works.

Seniors Wireless president Richard Sfeir said the service provides comfort to families who know elderly members have unlimited access to a doctor at any time.

For monthly wireless service, Seniors Wireless offers $10, $20 and $30/month plans. From those plan balances, usage is deducted at a rate of 10 cents per minute for voice calls, 10 cents per SMS, and 10 cents per MB of data. When the balance is depleted, the company notifies the customer to replenish their account.

A second $30 plan offers unlimited calling and SMS with 500MB of data.

The company positioned the plans not only as more affordable than major-carrier plans but easier to understand.

Phones available for purchase are the Unimax MXE675, LG Vigor, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sharp Aquos Crystal, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and Samsung Galaxy S5. Users can also bring their own phone s, including iPhones.

As an MVNE, Senior Wireless parent Emveno enables companies in launching their own MVNO service over other carriers’ networks. Emveno assists in the design, implementation, billing and go-to-market strategies for start-up MVNOs.