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Multichannel Music Demos Made Easier

Audio Authority, the retail display and switching-system company, is offering switching-system hardware that retailers can use to increase the number of DVD-Audio and SACD players that can be demonstrated in their soundrooms.

The Model 958 low-level switch module can be combined with a Model 906 control panel to switch the low-level outputs of several six-channel players to the inputs of one receiver/speaker system. Four, eight or more players may be compared by using multiple 958 switch modules. The system may be operated via control panel or individual product selector buttons.

The modules, available since 1996, were originally designed with equalizers in mind, but it can switch any low-level signal, a spokesman said. “As far as I know, no dealer had ever asked us about it before Nebraska Furniture Mart,” which installed it last year, he added. “The only other requests we have had have been a few from consumers wanting to switch six-channel sources at home.”