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More Dolby Atmos-Enabled Speakers Arrive

Portland, Ore. — More Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers are coming to dealers’ stores.

Triad Speakers expanded its selection of Dolby Atmos-enabled left-right speakers with the launch of the InRoom Silver LR-H at a suggested $1,500 per speaker. It joins the company’s $1,000-each InRoom Bronze LR-H launched at last September’s CEDIA Expo.

Shipments follow an announcement yesterday by Onkyo that it will offer its first Atmos-enabled home-theater speaker package at the end of June.

Compared with Triad’s existing model, the new Silver features larger front-firing drivers and top-mount Atmos height drivers to deliver improved sensitivity and louder output for use in larger rooms, a spokesman said.

The Silver features two 6.5-inch front woofers and four 3-inch full-range neodymium height drivers, while the Bronze features two 5.5-inch woofers and four 2-inch height drivers. Both models feature a 1-inch front tweeter. The height-driver array “provides enhanced directivity and reduced side-wall interaction over a traditional driver for better overhead surround effects,” said product development director David Nelson.

Each Silver speaker measures  22.4 by 8.75 by 11.2 inches, and the front drivers features a frequency range of 80Hz to 20kHz (+/-3dB), sensitivity of 91dB (2.83 volts, 1 meter), 4-ohm nominal impedance, and 50- to 200-watt recommended amplifier power. The top drivers have a frequency range of 130Hz to 20kHz, sensitivity of 89 dB at 1 watt/1 meter, and 6-ohm nominal impedance.

In contrast, the Bronze , has a frequency range of 88Hz to 20kHz (+/-3dB), sensitivity of 89dB (2.83 volts, 1 meter), 4-ohm nominal impedance, and 50- to 200-watt recommended amplifier power.

Although the power handling of both the Bronze and Silver are rated at 50 to 200 watts, the Silver’s larger drivers and improved sensitivity enable it to “play louder consistently at reference levels in larger rooms and at further seating distance than the Bronze,” a spokesman noted.