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More Content Options, Convergence, Wireless Seen In MP3/PMP Future

Sales of iPods and other-brand MP3 players have grown so rapidly in recent years that a so-called iPod economy has emerged, generating sales of anything that connects to the iPod. iPod speaker systems for the home come to mind, as do Pod-docking home and car audio systems are now getting

After so many years of frenzied growth, however, will MP3 player sales finally falter? Will MP3 player sales be cannibalized by sales of music-playing cellphones? And will the MP3 player’s heftier cousin, the video-optimized portable media player (PMP), emerge as the successor to the dedicated music player?

To discuss the next step in the evolution of the MP3/PMP markets, TWICE assembled a panel of leading companies that were asked to respond by e-mail to questions posed by TWICE. Here’s what they had to say: