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Moff Band For Kids, Wearable Smart Toy, Makes Its U.S. Debut

SAN FRANCISCO — Start-up Moff has brought to U.S. retail its Moff Band, a wearable smart toy aimed at kids under 10 that interacts with a free app to create sound effects through gestures.

The Moff Band is worn on the wrist like a snap bracelet, and with a touch of the app kids can generate sounds such as air drums, electric guitar, a tennis racket hitting a ball, the crack of a baseball bat, clanging ninja swords and others by swinging their arms. A new sound is added to the app each week.

CEO Akinori Takahagi told TWICE that the Moff Band’s initial funding goal on Kickstarter was met within 48 hours and the product is currently the No. 2 best-selling electronic toy for kids on Amazon in Japan.

He said parents who received Moff Bands through the Kickstarter project have observed that their kids are more active physically when playing with it and also do not tire of it because of the new additions each week. “When kids play with the Moff Band, they are physically more active, exercising their imagination and increasing faceto- face interactions,” said Takahagi. “Moff Band gives kids a fun and active alternative to staring at their smartphone or tablet screens and encourages creative playing and physical activity.”

It is powered by a standard replaceable coin battery, included.

The Moff Band is debuting on for $54.99. It is compatible with iOS devices but an Android version “will be available shortly.”