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A Mobile Recharger For Mobile Devices

Electric Fuel Corp., an Israeli company that makes batteries for portable consumer electronics devices, says it has found the way for wireless device users to “cut the cord” while charging their batteries. It’s ZincAir booster PowerPack lets users recharge their phone batteries without plugging the phone into a charger or having to turn the phone off.

“What we’ve done is let people be even more efficient with their time,” said Yehuda Harats, president and CEO of Electric Fuel. “We’re answering a specific need of the market. As more people use WAP phones and mobile Internet devices, their power needs will increase dramatically. Once a consumer goes online, it takes more time than a typical phone call. Both the technology and the time will require a new energy solution.”

And that’s where the PowerPack comes into play. The pack will completely charge a rechargeable battery, usually within an hour. Also, the PowerPack can work with any phone battery, an important feature, according to Harats. “We developed this product to fit any phone because every new model that comes out seems to have a slightly different form factor,” he said. “One common complaint among mobile phone users is finding new batteries for older model phones. The PowerPack won’t become obsolete because by design it is forward compatible.”

The PowerPack will start shipping in about two months. It’s the latest product in a line of batteries that Electric Fuel has been making for several mobile phone models, including phones from Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson. The PowerPack will provide up to three complete charges. It uses 3300 mAh ZincAir cells and can charge devices that use 3.6V rechargeable batteries, such as lithium-ion. It weighs less than three ounces and can fit in a pocket.

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