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M&K Expands Xenon Series

M&K expanded its Xenon speaker series by increasing the number of LCR SKUs to three from one and adding a tripole surround.

The series of performance-oriented compact models adds two new LCRs, retailing at $249 and $325, and the surround pair at $725/pair. The surround features front-firing drivers and side-mounted out-of-phase drivers to deliver a balance of direct and diffuse sound. The design is suitable for back-surround use, the company added.

The current LCR is also $249 but is a bit larger than the other $249 model. It delivers more midbass output.

The series’ speakers are smaller and higher performance than the similarly priced K series, which is intended for faster sales floors.

The Xenon series is at home in specialty stores and custom channels because of its performance and bracketry, which allows for mounting on a wall or ceiling, the company said.

They can be used with the V-76 and -100 subwoofers to create a home theater system.