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Mizco Int’l Expands Ecko Headphones Line


Marc Ecko and partner Mizco International
announced they are expanding their headphones
offering with the introduction of six ear buds in the Ecko
Unltd. line.

Ecko and Mizco first teamed up together late last year,
and have introduced
a variety of CE
products, including
iPhone and iPad
cases and charging
products. The new
ear buds will ship
next month under an
exclusive licensing
agreement with Mizco’s
Digipower division,
the company said.

Six models were announced:

The Zone ($12.99) ear buds have Ecko’s trademark
Rhino logo on the earpieces and come in red, green, pink,
yellow, blue and white. Three ear pieces are included.

The Chaos II ($14.99) also have the Rhino design and
come in pink, purple, blue, red and black. These feature an
in-line mic and controls for the Apple devices.

Also sporting the Rhino are the Stomp ear buds
($19.99), which comes with an in-line mic and controls for
use with Apple devices and Android smartphones, as well
as a travel bag. Six colors are offered.

The Lace ear buds ($24.99) feature a nylon, shoelacestyle
cord with an in-line mic and controls for use with
Apple devices. They come in six colors with a travel bag:
white, red, blue, black, pink and purple.

Finally, the Chain ($39.99) and Zip ($29.99) models are
designed to “merge Ecko’s reputation for street-conscious
fashion with utilitarian function,” Mizco said. The Chain ear
buds have a beaded, dog-tag chain cord design and come
in four colors, while the Zip have a zipper cord and come in
six colors. Both have in-line mics and volume controls that
are compatible with Apple and Android devices.

All of the ear buds have 10mm drivers and silicone ear
tips. All but the Chaos II have frequency ranges of 20Hz
to 20,000Hz. The Chaos II’s frequency range is 10Hz to
22,000Hz. The Chain, Zip. Lace and Stomp have impedances
of 32 ohms; the Zone is 16 ohms and the Chaos II
is 18 ohms.

Mizco and Ecko hinted in a release that a major product
lineup will be announced at the 2012 International CES.