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Mitsubishi Takes July RPTV Shelf-Share Lead

For July, Samsung continued to keep its grasp on the top retail shelf-share position in LCD TVs, but slipped to No. 2 in rear-projection TV placements behind Mitsubishi as Panasonic stayed firmly atop the plasma TV category, according to The NPD Group’s June TV display product placement scorecard.

Samsung held steady with 16 percent shelf share in LCD TV for the second month in a row, as Sony lost a point, to 14 percent, while staying in the No. 2 position. Philips also saw no change in its third-place position with 9 percent shelf share, as the tie for fourth place between Sharp and Vizio in June turned into a three-way draw when Polaroid gained a point of share, giving each brand an 8 percent showing.

RCA and Westinghouse each gained share in July to reach a tie for sixth place at 5 percent of LCD TV placements each, trailing Sanyo which maintained its fifth-place position with 6 percent shelf share. Toshiba, meanwhile, dropped two points of share to force a tie with LG for seventh place at 3 percent apiece.

In plasma TV, Panasonic continued to increase its top shelf-share position, adding 4 percentage points at 39 percent share or retail placements. Samsung, which was still No. 2, dropped a point of share at 23 percent.

Vizio also shed a point of share to keep third place at 14 percent as Pioneer added 2 points of shelf share to keep its fourth-place spot at 9 percent.

The biggest change among all TV placements in July came in the rear-projection TV category, where Mitsubishi took advantage of the diminished inventory of recent defectors with some new model shipments to seize the top spot in retail product placements, with 46 percent share. That was up from the second place spot in June with a 33 percent showing. Samsung, meanwhile, dropped 12 points to fall into second place at 37 percent share, while the rest of the field continued to clean out the last of its stock.