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Mitsubishi 3D Adapter Works For Samsung


Mitsubishi Digital Electric
America said its 100S – 3D starter pack,
which includes a 3D adapter that enables
certain 3D-capable DLP rear-projection TVs
to display 3D Blu-ray Disc material, is now
compatible with all Mitsubishi 3D Home Cinema
DLP TVs and Samsung 3D DLP HDTVs.

The $449 suggested retail price pack includes
two pairs of active-shutter 3D glasses,
an emitter for 3D glasses, a Disney Blu-ray 3D
showcase disc, 3D signal adapter, 3D signal
adapter remote control and an HDMI cable.

The Mitsubishi 3D adapter converts most
types of 3D signals into a signal that is compatible
with older model 3D-ready Mitsubishi
and Samsung 3D capable DLP TVs.

This means most new 3D Blu-ray players,
3D game consoles, and 3D cable and satellite
boxes can be connected to one of these
later-model Mitsubishi or Samsung 3D-capable
DLP TVs using the adapter to view images
in stereoscopic 3D.

New models of Mitsubishi 3D Home Cinema
DLP TVs don’t require the adapter to playback
3D material conforming to the 3D Bluray
specifications (although they do require
active shutter 3D glasses for each viewer),
and Samsung no longer sells DLP rear-projection