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Mission Bows Pilastro-Look Speaker Series

Elements of Mission’s $35,000 Pilastro speaker pair trickled down to more affordable prices with the launch of the M series during the Home Entertainment 2002 show here.

Priced at a tentative $600 to $1,200/ pair, the speakers will ship around the end of July. They owe their appearance and voicing to the Pilastro, said acoustic design director Peter Comeau.

Two towers, a stand-mount model, a center channel, and a bipolar surround are all two-way models. The LCRs feature curved baffles intended to improve dispersion and minimize diffraction, he said. A powered sub is also included.

Literature supplied at the show indicates the M series LCRs are not as efficient as the 95dB Pilastro, which can be driven by low powered tube amps, nor do they use Pilastro’s Granitech composite-material enclosure that resembles granite but is acoustically inert. Their response extends to 20kHz, but Pilastro’s extends to 56kHz.