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Mighty Cast’s Nex Band Invites Users To Hack It

Mighty Cast is offering for pre-order its Nex Band, a modular wristband that can be programmed to carry out simple tasks such as controlling a smartphone or smart home products, and storing data that can be shared with other Nex Band users.

The band is made up of five interchangeable Mods, each of which can be programmed via simple Hacks created in the Nex app. The Hacks, based on simple “if then, then that” commands can be used to customize almost any task or notification.

Examples cited by the company include:

• Use Nex to control a smart home by tapping a Mod to open a garage door, turn on lights, start a coffee maker or adjust the temperature in a home.
• Turn Nex into a music controller to adjust the volume, play or skip songs and more on a Spotify playlist or other music player.
• Assign light patterns for social, gaming and mobile notifications, such as when you receive an email from a friend, a “like” on an Instagram photo, or a light show the moment a favorite team scores a goal or a run.
• Store photos, videos, music, journal entries or a collection of Hacks within a Mod that can be shared with other “Nexers.”

“Our goal is to democratize the wearable space; to give complete creative control and empowerment to our community,” said Adam Adelman, CEO and cofounder of Mighty Cast. “Nexers can create a Hack in seconds – whether it be sending an email, snapping a selfie, tracking your activity, sharing a secret, or DJ-ing a party – the possibilities are endless.”

The Nex Band (including five Mods) comes in two sizes (small/medium and medium/large) and two colors (black and white) and is available for pre-order for $99 on Indiegogo beginning today.