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Microsoft Offers New Office Networking Products

Microsoft’s hardware group will start shipping an 802.11g wireless networking solution this month targeted mainly at the home and small office customer.

To ensure data safety for businesses, the networking kits include a 128-bit commercial grade hardware firewall for protecting the office network and Microsoft has additional security to safely allow employees to remotely access the office network.

The four new products are the MN-700 router with an integrated 802.11g access point and four port Ethernet switch, suggested retail price $109, the MN-720 notebook adapter, $84.95, the MN-730 wireless PCI adapter, $84.95 and the MN-820 wireless notebook kit, $179.

The MN-820 comes with all the devices necessary to create an 802.11g network for desktops and notebook computers.

All these products use Microsoft’s CE.NET software and have access to the company’s auto update that automatically sends the user a message when updates for their system become available.